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Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Our company has established Quality Management Department which is under the direct leadership of the general manager and which is responsible for management of quality of the raw materials of product, the whole production process and the finished products as well as for organizing the implementation of ISO9001. The Quality Management Department is divided into QA and QC, the personnel of which shall adapt to the production requirements. QA shall be responsible for the quality supervision and testing during the whole production process. QC shall be responsible for the testing of materials and finished products. The general manager is mainly responsible for the enterprise’s quality management and has rich experience in production and quality management. The responsible person of Quality Management Department and engineers have years of experience in the production of basic polyether polyol and blend polyol. Moreover, they are highly capable of handling practical issues during product production and quality management.

The Quality Management Department is equipped with near-infrared spectroscopy, high performance liquid instrument, gaseous phase instrument, flame photometer and other advanced testing devices, which provide powerful guarantee for the quality test and management of raw materials and finished products.