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Course of development

Course of development

In October 2003, Shandong INOV New Material Co., Ltd. was founded.

In August 2005, Shanghai Dongda Polyurethane Co., Ltd. was founded.

In December 2007, construction of Shanghai Dongda Polyurethane Co., Ltd. was completed.

In 2008, Shandong INOV New Material Co., Ltd. was rated as advanced grass-roots party organization of Zibo by Zibo municipal party committee of the CPC.

In 2008, The first insulating pipe (pipe diameter 1420mm) in China as produced by using INOV’s blend polyol was off the line successfully.

In 2009, research for the HFC245fa mixed polyol system used for solar water heater was successful. Our company also worked with Linuo Paradigma to produce the first HFC-245FA solar water heater in China. This technology passed the provincial achievement appraisal in 2009, and the technology was up to the advanced level of the world. Our company was called as the fluorine-free leader in the solar energy industry.

In 2010, Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered.

In 2010, foundation for INOV’s 60,000-ton polyurethane prepolymer project was laid.

In 2010, INOV worked with Suwei to successfully research the HFC-365MFC/227 premixed polyether polyols. Besides, production for the world’s first solar water heater in Shandong Sangle Solar Energy Co., Ltd. was successful.

In 2011, INOV’s pipe-pipe polyol system passed the aging resistance test of pipeline,which is the first in China.

In 2011, the cornerstone laying ceremony of Shanghai Dongda Chemical was held.

In 2011, National Standard on the Polyurethane Foaming Plastic for Solar Water Heater and National Standard on the Rigid Polyurethane Foam Plastics for Refrigerator and Freezer which were primarily drafted by INOV was formally issued and was published from Dec. 1, 2011 for implementation.

In 2012, the 100 project of Shanghai Dongda Chemical was successfully put into operation on a one-time basis.

In 2013, foundation for the 120,000-ton polyurethane relocation and expansion project of Linzi Qilu Chemical Industrial Park was laid.

In 2013, the computer experiment for the premixed polyether specially for the spraying pipe was successful.

In 2013, new material company passed the identification of city-level enterprise technical center of Zibo.

In 2013, HFC-245FA and cyclopentane joint foaming composite polyether was successfully applied to Aucma refrigerator, which was up to the advanced technology of the industry.

In January 2014, new material company was smoothly relocated to the chemical industrial area to the east of Linzi Qilu Chemical Industrial Park.

In February 2014, Wang Yipu, deputy secretary of district committee of Linzi District and party working committee of Qilu Chemical Industrial Area inspected the 130 plant.

In March 2014, Dr. Zhang Jie from Bayer Material Technology (China) Co., Ltd. visited China.

April 2014 was the one-year anniversary for laying foundation for INOV’s Qilu Industrial Park.

In May 2014, Zhou Qingli, municipal party secretary of Zibo showed up at 130 plant of the new material company and conveyed greetings to the employees.

In July 2014, Bi Hongwei, head of Zibo Intellectual Property Office and Xu Zhaoling, head of Science and Technology Bureau of Linzi District went to the factory for investigation and survey.

In August 2014, Li Yueqi, deputy district secretary of Jinshan District, Shanghai, chief of the district government, and secretary of party organization visited our company.

In November 2014, Wang Dingqi, the first deputy director of the Standing Committee of the NPC of Zibo and secretary of party organization inspected the 130 project.

In December 2014, Zhuang Ming, member of the Municipal Standing Committee of Zibo and deputy mayor inspected the 130 plant.