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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility of INOV; about enterprise

With the flourishing of the chemical industry of the world, social responsibility has more and more become a sustainable development concept as followed by worldwide chemical engineering enterprises. As the largest polyurethane manufacturing enterprise of China, INOV actively responds to the call of “ responsible care” through long-term unremitting effort, upholds and leads China’s polyurethane industry to “take care of the environment”. Our company goes on to play a leading role in establishing the management concept of “zero discharge” and “zero pollution”. Guided by the supreme goal of “zero discharge and zero pollution” for China’s chemical engineering enterprises, our company makes unremitting effort in accelerating the work of energy conservation and emission reduction.

With structural adjustment, technological innovation and strengthened management as the main approaches, INOV New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on implementing measures for meeting energy conservation and emission reduction responsibility targets for high energy consumption or high pollution enterprises, having completed pilot projects including “index improvement for polyurethane spray”, “wood imitation product improvement” and "energy system optimization for enterprise", keeping strengthening the promotion and application of wood imitation products, replacing the original wood furniture resources, achieving the purpose of environmental protection and resource conservation, and actively carrying out "responsible care" to speed up the construction of "resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise".

To strengthen construction of energy saving and emission reduction system and mechanism in an all-round way and improve all the system indexes, INOV has carried out planning on energy saving and emission reduction to establish the responsibility system of energy saving and emission reduction as well as monitoring statistical system and to formulate the system of rewards and penalties whilst including the energy conservation and emission reduction targets into the annual business appraisal of branch companies.

"Zero emission" and "zero pollution" management, clean production, energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency improvement..., a series of initiatives collectively embody the image and "social responsibility" of INOV in "caring for the environment"


INOV’s social responsibility: about employee

I. Pay attention to skill training and strive to improve employees’ quality

Managers of INOV think that business operation not only needs high-tech talents and sophisticated equipment, but must have a team of high-quality staff as well. Each new employee can take part in targeted vocational training after taking work, and the chairman of the labor union will directly focus on the training and education for employees. The HR is responsible directly for employee training and education. Employee training in January each year is included in the annual plan, so that the new employees will be trained for one month before the job. The senior technicians and experienced employees of company will be the teacher, allowing every employee to grow rapidly in the company, which is an important reflection that a company takes responsibility for the career and personal planning of employees.

II. Create harmonious environment and establish platform for employee development

The growth of employees is not independent to the enterprise, and the development of enterprise is not independent to the employees. INOV creates a harmonious environment for employees, provides employees with more development opportunities and a platform to display their own values, and enhances their sense of belonging to the company. The company has a perfect career plan for employees and sets up the shift system: From the time entering the company, the employees can practice in different positions by shift and eventually make their own development direction more clear, so as to find a job position that is truly suitable for them.

III. Improve employees’ living condition and keep increasing income for employees

INOV New Material is a high-speed developing enterprise, with fist products of polyether polyols and polyether polyols combination. The market competition is very fierce. In recent years, operating costs have continued to rise, while the market saturation is increasing. In the face of severe situation, enterprises must not only concentrate on making fine and traditional products, but also spare no effect to develop new products and open up new markets. The pressure is considerable. It is in such a situation, INOV has been always adhering to people-oriented management purpose, relying on the majority of employees to overcome difficulties, so as to continue growing and developing. Over the years, INOV management team insists on the management concept of “Lei Feng cannot be disadvantaged”. Each employee’s contribution will be rewarded. The enthusiasm and dominance of employees are greatly mobilized.